We are part of The Forest Federation of Soudley, Steam Mills and Woodside Primary Schools and all schools benefit from our partnership; the sharing of resources and expertise.  


We nurture a love of life, love of learning and mutual respect. We aim to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where everyone is happy, valued and every voice if heard. We want children to leave our schools equipped with the skills to become valued and responsible members of the community.

Respect for ourselves, each other and our environment
This School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff, governors and volunteers to share this commitment.
We will be helpful to all stakeholders and afford them equal kindness, thoughtfulness and support.

We are a Community of Learners

  •  We all work together to develop and share our talents, skills and knowledge
  •  We know how to be together
  •  We show mindfulness
  •  We nurture a sense of being able to make a difference
  •  We teach, guide and model good learning and behaviour
  •  We develop deep and valued learning, resilient and engaged learners.
  •  We have a right to be who we are and we show respect to others.
  •  We will build good capacity to share expertise reciprocally with other schools and within our own staff to improve outcomes for children.
  •  We will actively promote the idea of global citizenship so that our children are sensitive to others and show respect towards the environment.
  • The school will play a central role within the locality where it makes positive contributions to create a thriving and sustainable community.
  • The school will promote the active engagement of parents with the activities of the school and for them to make positive contributions to their children’s education
We demonstrate respect for ourselves, each other and our environment.
This is our core value and we are committed to working with our school community to ensure it is in our hearts and minds and is at the forefront of our provision.
  •  be respectful to others at all times
  •  take care of belongings
  •  look after living things
  •  know when and how to share
  •  spot others needing help and seek support
  •  be independent in day-to-day tasks