March 2023

• Pupils enjoy school. They put into practice the values of Soudley School, such as respect and tolerance

• Pupils say that bullying is rare. They are confident that adults would address any incidents quickly. 

• The curriculum pupils are following is improving

• Pupils feel safe in school

• Relationships between adults and pupils are strong

• Leaders ensure pupils receive a high standard of pastoral care

• Pupils are beginning to engage more with the local community and wider world.

• The new executive leaders have accurately evaluated the school’s strengths and areas of 

weakness. Their actions are bringing about improvements in the quality of education pupils are receiving

• Pupils now follow a broad curriculum 

• Pupils are keen to read the range of new and diverse books

• Pupil enjoy reading and listening and listening to their teachers read to them

• Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive appropriate support in lessons

• Pupil conduct themselves positively around the school. They play and co-operate well at playtimes

• Staff are appreciative of leaders’ support for their workload and wellbeing

• Leaders have created a culture of vigilance to help everyone keep pupils safe

• Where appropriate, leaders engage with outside agencies to support pupils and their families. 

• Pupils know how to stay safe in the outside world and when online

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